Perhaps you’re struggling to understand the true meaning of commercial window tinting or even need help in clarifying some points about its true essence, then this article is made for you. Before getting into the details of commercial window tinting, let’s paint a picture here.

“Assuming the bright sun in the sky floods your office with intense heat and much light, what will be your next line of action?. Use an air conditioner?.

That could reduce the heat, but still can’t control the amount of light entering your office

To regulate the amount of light that could enter your workplace, you will need to stick some film to your office window. In the real sense, attaching films to the windows of a commercial building is simply known as “Commercial window tinting.”

In other words, commercial window tinting is an economical way of blocking a vast amount of heat energy in the commercial building. It requires the use of a film. Such film could be dyed or metalized type. While a dyed film constantly absorbs harmful sunrays, the metalized film, on the other hand, reflects most of the sun’s rays. However, both window film types minimize the degree of stress on a window glass. The latest metalized films use advanced ceramics to help reflect the harmful rays of the sun.

Additionally, it’s an act of adding films to office windows for security and brand purposes. Of course, the film glued to an office window can also help in increasing the aesthetic value of the commercial building. It goes a long way to enhance business privacy; a passerby can’t see through a tinted window. By so doing, it creates an added layer of security for your enterprise.

Maybe you felt commercial window tinting is not for your organization, do you know that it’s useful in:

  • Protecting your working space from direct sun skin-damaging rays
  • Reducing the amount of heat obtainable within your company’s building
  • Boost your company’s privacy.

Yes, commercial window tinting helps corporate agencies and business organizations to eliminate distraction coming from the sun ray and ultimately boost the productivity of employees. It’s rapidly becoming an excellent marketing opportunity for commercial outlets. Commercial window tints creates an avenue for business branding. While you’re controlling the amount of heat and light penetrating through your office entrances and windows, you can as well be branding your business to increase traffic to your location. Printing company logo, catchy taglines and attractive branding images on the film could be effective in communicating with prospects.

If you don’t know, commercial window tinting is also helpful in cutting down your organization energy bills. Many window films available in today’s market could block up to 99% of the ultraviolet light entering your working space.

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