How much does a 6 KW Solar Panel Cost?

How much does a 6 KW Solar Panel Cost?
Solar panels are one of the best substitutes of traditional electric energy. You may be thinking about installing them and relying on solar energy onwards. Before instalment, you may need to be very clear about the prices though. For guiding you on prices for an instalment of solar panels, this article has been written with concise information.

There are a number of variables but 6.6kW solar systems generally cost in the range of $5,000 to $7,000

If we are talking about a good quality solar panel of 6KW power, be ready to spend around 7000$ for full instalment at the start. Alternatively, your budget would have to manage around 145$ per month for five years. This also includes the European made inverter such as the Fronius Symo, a premium tier one solar panel such as Trina Honey Modules along with a standard installation.

One thing you should always keep in mind. You are always going to be delivered what you actually paid for. This can prove quite convenient for most of the customers, stated Commercial Solar Melbourne. Due to this, most of the customers naturally buy high-efficiency solar panels from top manufacturers such as LG Solar. You can also go for the cheaper version which is under the budget of 7000$. However, where comes cheap, there also comes no guarantee for after-sales support. This is because mid-range to low range is often manufactured in China.

You may be put off by a large amount of money you have to spend. However, you have to know that for residential areas especially larger residential systems, you will be rewarded for spending this much upfront. It will serve you very well in the long run. Whether it is output, reliability or solar service full replacement warranties including technical support, you will get all of it. The biggest reward is the peace of mind.

Roughly, you will be able to spend 2500$ less annually on your power bills. For saving 650$ on a quarterly bill, your consumption during daytime will have to be maximum. As much as 30 KWH in summer daytime will do nicely. Forgetting most out of your solar 6KW system, all you have to do is to spend 10,000$. Along with a top-notch system, you will also get a return on your investment in four years.

How much Output Does 6KW System give?
The stated information was given by Clean Energy Council. For a 6KW solar system in a sunny place such as Sydney, facing North will give as much as an average of 24KWh a day. This is to be assumed that more power is generated in summer and less in winter.

Note that the above-mentioned information is an estimation of an average system. If you spend more money to get a top quality system, this average will be more than what is already mentioned. As an example, you have to consider our Enphase Systems. They are known for giving 110% of expected output. For an average day of summer, our system of 6KW normally gives 30 KWh of power. This is often excessive power for normal households and it is recommended to store this power in batteries for later storage.

Savings on a 6KW System
The savings of a 6KW system will depend on how much solar power you use at home when energy is being generated. Saving around 22-30 cents a KWh is possible. You can also be paid like 5-12 cents a KWh if you send the energy back to the grids. This may not seem impressive. However, considering how this can lead to saving of 500$ to 600$ savings on a quarterly bill, it is very much a thing you would like to do.

Number of Solar Panels for 6KW System
No matter what kind of system you have, you will have to ensure that you spend the right amount of money to avoid future complications. Especially if you are dealing with a larger system, quality panels are the must. This will provide reliability, longevity and increased output in any kind of weather.
An alternative can be a roof space. By installment of highly efficient panels, you can end up using 18 x 335W instead of 22 x 275 W.

6KW Micro-Invertor System
When it comes to the matter of installment of Enohase Micro-Invertor System, Solaray is the most experienced installer in NSW. This coupled with the fact that our system design team is adept at putting together a professional solar array is the reason why you should choose us. This solar array can easily maximize solar output in all conditions.
One of the main advantages of micro-inverters is the independence of every panel. This can lead to so many uses which are limited by only your imagination. No matter what kind of system we are going to work with, the panels can still do their job by being oriented at different angles and directions.

A common panel layout is that some panels are faced towards North and some towards West. This generates a lot of solar power which can be used. Having panels facing the direction of West is especially beneficial if you are on time of use billing.
Coming towards the case of larger residential systems, the middle panels are susceptible to being overheated due to less air flow among the panels in summer. This overheating can significantly reduce the output. For this reason, micro-invertor technology is preferable. It is used in 80% of our technology.

6KW Solar System on a House with Single Phase Power
For a house with single-phase power in NSW, it is possible to install a system larger than 5KW. With our SolarEdge and Enphase systems, we are now capable of limiting amount of power your system sends to grid to 5KW. This will remove your dependency on 5KW systems. Given below are specific requirements and conditions which you can discuss with us.

i. We offer an installment of a single phase string inverter up to 5KW with a 6KW array of panels. A properly designed solar system will allow you to save a lot of trouble by increasing output and decreasing the cost.

ii. If you have an interest in our Enphase System, we offer an installment of 21 x S230 Micro-Invertors of 4.83 KW or 18 x S270 version of 4.86 KW following the limit under 5KW. It is quite possible to install a larger solar array than 5KW by oversizing the Enphase Micro-inverters.

iii. In case of large consumption of power during the daytime, instead of a large solar battery which will no doubt cost more, we offer a 5KW SolarEdge system. We will then oversize it with a panel array of about 6.5 KW. Oversized solar panels are great for maximum benefits.

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